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My name is John W Dudley, ASL Bible Teacher for over 70 years.

I live in Corpus Christi Tx. Born 1933, raised by Deaf Grandparents. I’ve devoted my entire life to helping the Deaf & Blind to achieve their spiritual goalsI invite you to join with me in this endeaver.

Why Be A Teacher? 

Teaching – The Cost and Risks

How Can Students Get Along With Teachers

Empathy—Key to Kindness and Compassion

You have likely observed that in this selfish world, it is easy to ‘shut the door of one’s tender compassions’ and ignore the needs of others. (1 John 3:17) Christians, however, are commanded to love their neighbor and to have intense love for one another. (Matthew 22:39; 1 Peter 4:8)

Imitate Jesus – Teach With Love
“The Greatest Teacher That Ever Lived”

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